doula for the dying vigils


An end of life vigil is the act of offering compassionate companionship for you and your loved ones through active dying, death and in the hours or days after death. A vigil is held when someone brings all of their presence to the bedside through the final hours of a person's life. It is the act of holding space - providing a steady, quiet, calm presence for the dying so they are never alone.

A death doula provides whatever is necessary to make the transition to death as peaceful as it possibly can be. Vigiling may include praying, reading to, talking, sharing reassuring visualistaion, breath work and performing comforting rituals.

After death, rituals of vigiling may include gently washing and preparing the body before inviting family and friends to bear witness to the experience of love and loss of their loved one.

Death is nothing less than a sacred transition, it is an honour to be in its presence.