Death Doula

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Death doulas, also known as an end-of-life consultants, provide personalised  compassionate, non-medical holistic support, resources and options to those nearing the end of life and to their loved ones.

This is truly heart centred work. It is incredibly subtle and very much about being present to the vulnerability of the the dying person and their loved ones. I offer this support by helping you make informed choices; by advocating your choices; providing you with comfort and reassurance to help navigate your own unique transition from life to death.

Death doulas offer support to those who are:

  • terminally ill, at any age;

  • grieving a recent death or preparing to say goodbye to a loved one;

  • facing the loss their beloved animal;

  • wanting to face their own mortality by clarifying and documenting their end-of-life care and final burial or funeral, regardless of age or health status.


Death doulas offer support to help make death and dying an intimate experience for all involved in all care settings.