doula for the dying ritual and ceremony

Ritual and Ceremony

Across time and cultures, people have crafted reverent and intentional ceremonial acts as a way to celebrate, honour, mourn, and process significant life transitions. 

As a lover and creator of ritual and ceremony, I feel the innate human need for ceremony, the need to make meaning, and gather for collective acknowledgment of significant moments. Creating ceremony is like choreographing a dance between you, your companions and your life transition. Each ceremony is unique, ephemeral and yet the effects can be lasting and profoundly healing.

Living Wake

You've been to one too many funerals, and found  yourself wishing you could tell your loved-one how much they meant to you?


Celebrate your life with those you love in your own way by co-creating a living celebration of you, your life and the joy of your connections.

A living wake is a facilitated ritual where a community of loved ones gather to share how much someone means to them and express the impact that person has had on their lives.

Ritual is a conscious and beautiful way to help us move through life's big transitions. Made up of simple, restrained gestures, or richly embellished - ritual is the moment to be immersed in an experience that truly reflects your unique humanity.


Living wakes are not just for the terminally ill. I can craft a ritual to celebrate milestone birthdays; the end of long-running medical treatment; pre-wedding celebrations.

Funerals and Memorial Services

When it comes time to formally farewell your loved one, it can be helpful to know that in the State of Victoria, funerals can be conducted in almost any setting. I can support you to craft  and if you wish - officiate a meaningful funeral that reflects your values for living and dying