doula for the dying end of life planning

End Of Life Planning

End of Life Planning usually  starts with over the kitchen table conversations where we explore and document your wishes for your end of  life and final wishes for your body. 

From here:

  • Facilitate preparation and or review your advance care plan to guide -

    • who you would like to make decisions on your behalf;

    • your values for living and dying well and what kind of care you would like to receive or refuse; 

    • where you would like to be cared for. 

  • Explore full range of options for funeral, wake, burial to create a plan that reflects your values

  • Offer respite for your carers

  • Facilitate conversations regarding your legacy and life review project

  • Co-create rituals that reflect your values on living and dying

  • Facilitate post-death home organisation

  • Hold space for you and your loved ones through dying -  

    • provide spiritual and emotional support and comfort through terminal illness

    • deep listening and enabling conversations about life and dying

    • plan and hold vigil during active dying, death and after death

    • mourning and post-loss support for family and friends