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Breath Awareness Workshops

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In all settings, in all situations, breath awareness is your greatest ally. It creates presence, discernment and calm focus.  It does this in the here and now. When we are faced with our restlessness, anxiety, our petulance, breath awareness gives us the means to lean into discomfort, it holds the light our patterns, and creates gentle pause for reflection.

Breath awareness is the founding step to experiencing deeper sense of self. It brings surety to self-regulate the nervous system.  When we self-regulate, then we are ready to co-regulate. This is what it means to support someone in their darkest vulnerability. It means to rise above our own discomfort and be truly present to theirs. 

Breath awareness brings us unto the very present moment - 

- Not regretful about the past and choices that could’ve been made; not fearful or anxious about a future we can’t predict

- Right here

- Alive

- Sensing

- Feeling

- Being entirely and honestly present


This is what it means to be present to your self in all of your humanity. This is what it means to be of support to someone you care for.


Two Hour Breath Awareness Workshops are held regularly in Daylesford and Melbourne or private sessions By Appointment.

Living and Dying Well In Daylesford Events

Living & Dying Well In Daylesford

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Monthly gatherings over tea and delicious food to discuss what it means to live and die well in Central Victoria.  

Guest speakers will present and then conversation will be guided to flow with care a grace around participants needs.

These informal gatherings are on hold during COVID restrictions.