My name is Nina Isabella

I have been supporting birthing families for over 20 years in Melbourne and Central Victoria through my business mamashanti. Having navigated through my share of human travails; I am now offering death doula support.

I am a member of the Natural Death Advocacy Network (NDAN), and the Order of the Good Death. As a Yoga Australia senior registered yoga instructor and a somatic breath and movement practitioner, I have a rich toolkit of emotional and spiritual support to share with you and your loved ones. These include guided meditation and breath work; reiki; acupressure; and access to a vast network of allied practitioners.

Birth and death are the two universal human experiences; profound gateways that deserve to be honoured and revered.

I am offering compassionate and ethical end of life support to all who seek comfort, kindness and reassurance in traversing life’s final crossing. 

Please contact me to discuss how I can support you to articulate and as far as possible bring into being your hopes for the end of your life.